BMW’s New M5 Hitting Consoles Before Showrooms With Need For Speed Payback

It seems that car companies are diving deep into “debuting” cars in video games. The Ford GT was available first in Forza Motorsport 6 before it was in production, the Huracán arrived in Forza Horizon, and Porsche took the next step by announcing the new 911 GT2 alongside Forza 7. Now EA and BMW are teaming up for the new BMW M5.

The BMW M5 is a car that we have been waiting a long time for, and now gamers will get a chance to experience it before it goes on sale with Need for Speed Payback.  And it’s not just a short window either. The BMW M5 won’t be in showrooms until next spring, while Need for Speed Payback is hitting consoles and PC in early November. That means that for multiple months, this game will be the only way for BMW fans to experience the first all-wheel-drive M car in the company’s history.

Sadly, the Need for Speed franchise isn’t exactly known for its realism, so anyone hoping that this would provide some sort of date for real world comparison, you are out of luck. Still, we’ll take all the 600 hp sedan action we can get.

Need for Speed Payback launches November 10th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



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