Lexus Producing CT200h Replacement And Three-row RX In 2018

Lexus will apparently be bringing a brand new SUV to market soon, Autocar has discovered in a recent search for patent names.

In recent months Lexus has filed several new patents under the UX badge, including UX200, UX250 and UX250h. If Lexus maintains its normal nomenclature, these cars will all have small displacement engines, with one of them being a hybrid.


Lexus unveiled the UX Concept in September at the Paris Motor Show, stirring up rumblings that the new vehicle would be a replacement for the long-in-the-tooth CT200h. These new patents would seem to verify those rumors.

Previously Lexus had trademarked the RX350L and RX350hL nameplates, and last year in New York confirmed that they would indeed be building a longer RX with a third row to fit into a section of the market that they have not yet entered.

We should see the new models unveiled in the not-too-distant future, with availability sometime in 2018.


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