Infiniti Unveils New F1-Inspired Project Black S Concept In Geneva

Not long after Infiniti joined technical forces with the Renault Sport Formula One team they began teasing us with hints of what was to come. All that foreplay has led to the unveiling of the Infiniti Project Black S concept in Geneva this week.

While the shape suggests a dressed up Q60 coupe, the new concept is a significant departure from Infiniti’s past hot rods.

Utilizing F1 hybrid technology for the first time in any street car, the Project Black S would recover energy to provide electric power and provide instantaneous acceleration, free of lag. Renault Sport, like other F1 teams, uses an exhaust-driven turbine, as well as regenerative braking, to generate and store electricity for use on demand. Putting that technology to use in the Project Black S is expected to possibly lead to a 25% increase in power for Infiniti’s newest twin turbo, 3-liter V6, a significant jump in performance.

While all the technical stuff is where the meat of the story is for gearheads, you can’t deny that the appearance of a car is what attracts the most attention. Using carbon fiber, Infiniti has massaged and sculpted the Project Black S into an aggressive animal like nothing ever seen from them before. From front-to-back you’ll find a splitter, fenders, side skirts, rear diffuser and fixed rear wing all made from the pretty woven fabric.

Great big lower intakes and massive hood vents leave no question as to what’s coming down the street, and a lightweight titanium exhaust audibly puts an exclamation point on the statement.

Infiniti has not announced a production date for the Project Black S, instead choosing to use the Geneva debut of the concept to gauge interest in Infiniti-based performance cars. Let’s hope there’s an overwhelming clamor for more.

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