Jaguar Enhances Its Lineup for 2018

If you have been eyeballing a new Jaguar, but didn’t think the brand’s wares were competitive enough, maybe head back to that dealer. The British marque announced that starting in May they are offering upgrade 2018 versions of the F-Pace, XF, and XE models. The biggest upgrade on offer is more power and performance thanks to a new 2.0-liter engine. Instead of taking the 2.0-liter diesel engine, 2018 Jaguar XE, XF and F-Pace models will be offered with a 247 hp gas-burning 2.0L. That is the first four-cylinder offered for the latest XF and the F-Pace.

Annoyingly, cars feature this new engine will wear a 25t badge. Because making a model badge line up in any way with a car’s engine size or performance is now seen as a taboo for some reason.


If you want even more power, Jaguar is bringing the XE S to the States, complete with a 380 horsepower, supercharged V6 pulled straight from the F-Type. That is a healthy 40 horsepower bump over the previous top-line XE R-Sport. It also puts us one step closer to the M3 fighting XE RS we are all hoping for.

Other upgrades coming to 2018 models include a new LCD-based instrument panel, “power gesture” trunk control for XE and XF, and an extra dose of safety courtesy of Forward Traffic Detection and Forward Vehicle Guidance that is now added to the Advanced Driver Assistance System.

These upgrades and enhancements aren’t game-changing by any stretch of the mind, but they might be enough to sway a few buyers sitting on the luxury sedan fence line.


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