VW Brings Another Microbus Concept To NAIAS

Enthusiasts have been clamoring for a new VW bus for years, and Volkswagen has teased the fans with a few different concepts using the same basic form over the past fifteen years. This week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit they’ve done it again, again.

VW’s newest concept, the all-electric I.D. BUZZ, shares many of its components with the previously-revealed VW I.D. Both focus heavily on autonomous driving, with the new BUZZ moving toward more space for cargo and passengers.

Able to hold up to 8 people, the BUZZ would be ideal for travelers, bicyclists, campers, adventurers and families, which is essentially what the VW Microbus was good for in its day.

Interior configurations show a plethora of options. Two people when using the BUZZ to haul cargo. Four seats and a table so that the driver can partake in a game of pinochle while the BUZZ hurtles silently down the road in autonomous – ID Pilot in Volks-speak – mode, or even two seats when it’s necessary to haul more than the kids and dogs to the park.

Two electric motors – one for each end of the car – generate 369 hp and work together to propel the BUZZ to 60 mph in 5 seconds on the way to a max speed of 99 mph. Expected range is 270 miles, and VW claims that batteries can be topped off up to 80% in thirty minutes given access to a quick charge station.

VW’s aim is to produce over a million electric vehicles a year by 2025. There’s a good chance that if they produce the I.D. Buzz they’ll move significantly closer to meeting that goal.

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