2018 McLaren Super Series Will Be Cooler And Sleeker

We already talked about McLaren’s upcoming new car, but the English company has released a bit more information on their second-generation Super Series.

While the 650S is already an aerodynamic marvel, McLaren is claiming that this replacement will sport an additional 50-percent more downforce. It gets better cooling as well, with McLaren claiming the new car is 15-percent more efficient at keeping the temp meter out of the red zone. When you’re spending this much money on a car anything you can do to keep the engine healthy is a good thing

The current 675 LT and P1 have this super-trick automatic wing that flips up to act as an air brake when the driver opts to throw out the anchor before a tight turn. The new Super Series cars will be getting the same, and that wing will deploy in less than a half-second.


The door design is integral to all of this air trickery. Special ducts integrated into the doors’ structure force air into the radiators to increase cooling and the suck air out of the front wheel arches to increase downforce, taking a card  from the P1 hypercar’s aerodynamic deck and improving upon it.

McLaren hasn’t been all too forthcoming with pictures or prices of the new Super Series, but all shall be revealed soon when they take the wraps off of the new car on March 7th at the Geneva International Motor Show.

I’m excited to see what’s coming.

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