BMW 4 Series Receiving Minor Updates For 2018 Edition

A lot of people didn’t like it when BMW separated the 3 and 4 Series cars from each other in 2013 to create a sportier selection in the 4 Series. It didn’t make sense, they said. People thought they still looked too much like each other, with the only difference being the number of doors at the time.

As BMW added more models to include the Convertible, Coupe and Grand Coupe things shook out a bit more, but they still looked a lot like each other.

Beginning in March, 2017, the 4 Series will be a bit more differentiated from the 3 Series in several ways, and what we see looks pretty good.


The 2018 4 Series – Yes, the 2018 models will be out nine months before 2018 actually starts – is receiving a number of changes to differentiate it from the 3 Series.

Most readily noticed will be the hexagonal, bi-LED headlights and sharper edges to the nose, adding extra angles to the car that we’re just not used to seeing, while new LED taillights differentiate the backside as well. Two bright new colors, Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic – My personal favorite – and Sunset Orange, are only available on the new 4 Series at this time, and both are a nice step away from the usual black, white, gray and silver of the majority of the BMW fleet.

A stiffer, sportier suspension and quicker steering make sure you won’t mistake the 4 for a 3 when sitting inside, gripping the updated steering wheel, while a few new exclusive interior colors, trim choices and brightwork separate the cockpit from the 4’s brethren.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but we should see it soon given that the cars start arriving at US dealerships in March. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it to trade your old 4 Series for the new one, though that Snapper Rocks Blue would make me think very hard about the decision.


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