Ultra-Rare Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Found On Craigslist

In today’s episode of random things you would never expect to find on Craigslist, we have a barely driven Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The wild carbon supercar from way back in 2011 was a showpiece to flaunt the new carbon composite that Lamborghini had helped develop. Now a lot of things about this ad scream that this is a huge scam. There are only a few grainy photos from a camera phone and there is almost zero information about the car aside from mileage and build number (3 of 20 for those interested). What does lend a tiny bit of legitimacy to the ad is the price though.

They are asking $4.5-million.

Most craigslist scammers I have seen try and draw people in with a price that is too good to pass up. Considering the Sesto Elemento was only $2.2-million when it was new, I don’t see too many people flocking to buy this car because it’s a screaming deal.

We’ve replied to the ad and will report back if we hear anything else. Until then, if you have a few million just laying around and want to take a chance on a 2,000-pound supercar with a V10, head here to see the ad. Car is sitting in Seattle waiting on you. Probably.


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