We Don’t Know Who Asked For A Ragtop F-150, But Here’s The Answer

Apparently somebody recently asked the question very few ever have. “Why isn’t my Cowboy Cadillac a convertible?” Well, now it can be.

You’re driving through River Oaks in your F150 Super Crew Platinum, tunes bumping, when you’re passed by a guy in a convertible supercar. He looks like he’s having more fun than you, and his tan is even.

“I gotta get me one of those convertibles so it’s not just my left arm and shoulder that get melanoma,” you think, but you don’t want to give up all the utility of your pickup.

Enter Newport Convertible Engineering, the same guys who created the Tesla Model S convertible, Nissan GT-R convertible and so many others. They’ll slice and dice your truck’s top into an awkward-looking tanning machine in short order if you so desire.

The resulting contraption has a soft top that fits relatively well, for a custom convertible, but still looks like an afterthought. At the push of a button, in 15 seconds you can drop that soft top, which stacks up behind the back seats in a pretty remarkable feat of engineering, although it winds up looking tacked-on. Add in the necessary bracing/roll bar hoop between the front and back doors and it just looks strange.

With the top up it’s probably pretty noisy since the only thing between you and the wind is a pile of cloth. The amount of flex from cutting away so much of the cab’s structure probably precludes using the truck as a truck is meant to be used, namely hauling heavy loads, lest the entire body be tweaked out of true. One would imagine most of the functionality has been Sawzalled away. Ultimately, it just seems to be an answer to a question better left unasked.

But hey, if you love your pickup trucks and really want a convertible, NCE can do it for you. There’s no mention of price, but we can imagine it isn’t cheap.



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