Leaked 2018 McLaren 720S Photo Stuns Instagram Community

If you’ve been waiting for the Geneva International Motor Show to see what the new McLaren 720S – internally known to McLaren as the P14 – looks like then it appears you don’t have to wait any more.

Instragram car nut lamborghiniks just dropped a bombshell on the McLaren fanatic world with one picture from an unknown source, and if it’s authentic then it’s amazing.

The car pictured is unmistakably a McLaren and appears to be the real deal. Comparing the leaked picture to previously released spy shots of the new car in test camouflage there’s little to suggest any differently.

The design language McLaren has been following for the past six years is still there, but the car pictured has more points, curves, lines and edges on it than anything they’ve produced to date. While not revolutionary, this car marks a distinct departure from the last generation Super Series cars.

McLaren has been releasing little details about the car leading up to Geneva, but this is, by far, the most significant indication of what to expect and it’s exciting.

We’ll know if this picture is a hoax or not in a little more than two months and I’m hoping that what we’ve seen here is the genuine article.

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