Project CARS 2 Is Coming This Year

With Gran Turismo languishing in the corner, Forza Motorsports has been reigning supreme in the console simulation racer category. But last year, we got the impressively beautiful and technically complex Project CARS from Slightly Mad studios to bring some competition back into the market. It matched Turn 10s offering on visuals and physics reproduction, but it was a little light on cars and tracks. Now in 2017 we are getting Project CARS 2, and if this new trailer is anything to go by, Forza is going to have to really step it up if it wants to stay on top.

Project CARS 2 is coming with wild new weather options, new tracks, and several amazing cars. In the trailer you can see metal like the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Mercedes-AMD GT, Acura NSX, Nissan GT-R and more.

And if you shun the console users and prefer to consider yourself part of the PC Master Race, then Project CARS 2 is here for you as well. Slightly Mad is touting the ability to run the game at “12K” resolution. In short, it’s programed to fully support triple-monitor setups at 4K per monitor. Of course it will be incredibly hard to run that resolution, so you better start upgrading your PC. We don’t have a hard launch date yet, but the current release target is late 2017, with PS4, Xbox One and Steam all supported.

Better get your racing shoes ready.



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