Porsche Is Going Upgrade Crazy; 500 HP 911 GT3, 650 HP 911 GT2, and 430 HP Cayman GT4 RS

Now this is the kind of rumor we can sink our teeth into. Autocar is reporting that a new 911 GT3 will be debuting at Geneva in March, bringing with it a new 4.0-liter flat-six engine, and the return of the manual transmission option. It may not be the exact same motor found in the GT3 RS or 911 R, but Autocar says it should arrive with same 500 horsepower rating, making it a fast beast indeed.

Along with the news of the new GT3, the report also states that a new GT2 RS is coming with work to be finished ‘by the end of the year’ with a power target of 650 ponies.

But the news didn’t stop there. Along with the new 911 “GT” cars, Autocar says that Porsche is also prepping a new Cayman GT4 that will wear an RS badge. And just like the other 911 RS, it will get that 4.0-liter engine. Sadly, power is expected to be cut down from 500 ponies to a more manageable 430 hp or so. Gotta keep that 911 on its pedestal. If you want to know why Porsche is already prepping a GT4 RS when the Clubsport exists, the answer is pretty simple. The new turbocharged 718 Cayman S is so fast, it will keep pace with a base GT4 when both cars have the same tire. They need to increase that performance gap for the model to make sense.

So to recap, we are getting a 500 hp 911 GT3 with a manual transmission again, the 911 Turbo GT2 RS is nearly done and will arrive with 650 hp or more, and then the magic 4.0-liter flat-six will find its way into a new Cayman GT4 RS right afterwards.

It is a great time to be a Porsche fan.


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