Timeless Program Makes It Easier To Drive Away In An Aston Martin

While used Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other supercars are currently holding strong resale values, other marques represent the opportunity to buy a pre-owned car with low miles that is only a few years old for a much lower price than purchasing one with only delivery miles on the odometer.

Manufacturers have been creating Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs for a few years now, cashing in on the used car market by providing inspected and certified, low-mileage cars that often carry a limited period of roadside assistance and a short warranty.

Aston Martin has jumped on this bandwagon with their new Timeless program, but they’ve stepped it up a notch in the process.

Not only do you get a certified car, which has been inspected to insure it complies with a stringent list of specs, but you also get a certificate and paperwork verifying the car’s service history. You’re also given something called a VIP Handover Pack – a title that doesn’t tell us much of anything – and discounts on Aston Martin vehicle accessories for the first three months of ownership.


Aston Martin also examines and updates any hardware or software that may have changed since the car’s original build, something virtually unheard of in the CPO marketplace. All of this comes with 24-hour roadside assistance and a comprehensive, limited warranty for a full year.

Even more astounding is that the program covers the past ten years of Astons, which means you can get into an older DB9, or perhaps even a DBS or Virage. The program even covers the One-77 – if you can find a used one for sale at a dealer – and V12 Zagato.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an Aston Martin but didn’t want to take that initial depreciation hit on such an expensive car, now may be just the time to buy.


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