Italdesign Winging Its Way To Geneva With New Limited Lamborghini

Most people expect a Lamborghini to be over the top these days. The more wings, angles and edges it has the more fans seem to flock to it. So it was a bit of a surprise when the Huracan came out and it was a relatively staid, reserved design. Reserved in Lamborghini design terms that is.

Italdesign’s Automobili Speciali division will fix that for five lucky buyers, though. Witness the new, strangely unnamed car revealed by the Lamborghini-controlled design firm this week and due to debut at the Geneva Motor Show. While there is no name for the car, and Italdesign doesn’t specifically say it’s based on a Huracan, the 3.2 second 0-62 mph time makes it quite obvious what the underpinnings will be.


This supercar isn’t reserved or staid, though. It has a big wing, crazy looking diffuser, vents, splitters and all the other aerodynamic accouterments that any self-respecting Lamborghini racecar fanboy could want.

I’m sure they’re all sold out by now, but if you want one of the five being built then prepare to pony up $1.6 million. That’s a cheap price for relative exclusivity, and chances are you can compound that investment by offering it immediately on the secondary market for somebody crazy enough to have to have it.


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