Mopar Parts And Design Genius Combine For 2017 Jeep Switchback Concept

What you see before you is what happens when you throw a bunch of Mopar and Jeep Performance parts at a Wrangler and then top them all of with some interesting concept pieces. You get the 2017 Jeep Switchback Concept, a tasty collection of off-the-shelf bits and concept parts.

Built for the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT, this baby blue masterpiece is truly trail ready.

The designers at Jeep lifted the standard Wrangler Unlimited body four inches in the air to clear the big 37-inch BFG Mud-Terrain KM2 tires and made sure the hefty Dana 44 axles stay in control with Remote Reservoir Fox shocks straight from the Jeep Performance catalog.


Not all wheeling is done in daylight, so Jeep added a concept windshield light bar and A-pillar lamp then tagged the Jeep Performance book for the LED tail lamps, LED headlamps and fog lamps.

The one thing that stands out most on the Switchback though is the unique set of doors Jeep came up with. Intended to bring more of the outside in, their open design is a really exciting change to the normal slab-sided look of your standard Wrangler. We can only hope they make it to some form of Jeep production, or that the aftermarket picks up on them and makes them available. In conjunction with the safari concept hard top it all ties together to make one looker of a trail pounder.

I’m itching to see if it can wheel at Moab. If the parts list is any indicator, it should do a pretty good job.

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