Audi’s Quattro Is No More. Say Hello to Audi Sport.

.Audi’s venerated Quattro GmbH is dead. Long live Audi Sport, the new name for Audi’s track-tested, performance-oriented division.

Audi’s racing programs have always been used to improve the highest-end cars in the Audi lineup, and bundling everything under the Audi Sport division will allow even better sharing of technology. Audi of America president Scott Keogh said that Audi is, “excited to offer our customers even more products that benefit from the same developments and technologies first used in motorsport.”

There will be eight new Audi Sport models bound for the States, including the newly-confirmed RS 5 Coupe, a powerful new, 400-hp 2018 TT RS and Audi’s RS 3, the street-going version of the RS 3 LMS, which was first introduced to the racing world in 2016.

The TT and RS 3 will arrive on these shores in the next few months. Expect to see the 450-hp RS 5 Coupe sometime between January and June, 2018.

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