Honda Expands Clarity Line With EV And Hybrid

Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell model came out in December, 2016, and it was just a matter of time before Honda finished fleshing out the Clarity collection with a plug-in hybrid and full-electric version for those who don’t have access to California’s small chain of hydrogen fuel stations.

Honda has committed to making sure two-thirds of their international sales are electrified vehicles by 2030. Expanding the Clarity model range helps them get even closer to achieving that goal, with 75,000 cars purchased during the four-year model cycle.

The Plug-in Hybrid is expected to achieve an all-electric range rating of 42 miles, which isn’t nearly as stellar as the 53 all-battery mileage of the Chevy Volt, the Clarity’s closest competitor, but for those who don’t want a Chevy, the Honda appears to be a good choice, and in a market as new as the plug-in hybrid world, the more choices the better.

On the non-hybrid front, Clarity’s all-electric model is predicted to receive a 111 combined MPGe rating. Although this isn’t exactly a shockingly big number – Again, we’re comparing the new Clarity to a Chevy, and the Bolt gets 238 miles on a single charge – it’s pretty solid, and the Honda’s mid-sized form may appeal to many buyers who don’t really want a compact car but still want decent range.

Honda has already committed to a brand new, dedicated hybrid in 2018, so all of this may be a stopgap measure, but it may very well prove to be a very good move by Honda.

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