Ford Unleashes Specs For 2017 GT Supercar

The Ford GT has been plastered all over the media for so long now that you might be remiss to forget that thing still isn’t in customer hands, and in fact we don’t even know the specifications yet. At least, that was true until this week, when Ford FINALLY unleashed the flood gates of facts and figures for all the gear heads to drool over. Let us start with the big ones that everyone wants to know.

Power: 647 hp. Torque: 550 lb-ft. Top speed: 216 mph.

So it seems that Ford was really able to squeeze some performance out of that 3.5L EcoBoost V6, but how does that compare? It is far from a reliable comparison, but Ford says that during its internal testing it was it was one-second faster than the McLaren 675LT and three-seconds faster than the Ferrari 458 Speciale around the Calabogie Motorsports Park in Canada.

No, I’ve never heard of that track either.

These numbers do bring up some interesting comparison points though. Those of you who enjoy America’s greatest sports cars will have noticed that the Ford GT is not any more powerful than the Corvette Z06 or Dodge Viper ACR. The new Ford does hold a pretty significant weight advantage over those two cars though, with the viper weighing 300 pounds more, and the Corvette carrying an extra 500 pounds. But the Viper also has 50 more lb-ft of torque, and the Z06 has a very healthy 100 lb-ft advantage. On paper, the only really impressive stat the GT has to its name is the top speed.

Ford GT

Make no mistake there, the aero engineering and power delivery required to cross 200 mph is impressive, hitting 216 is mind-blowing for anything with a Ford Badge. To give you an idea, the million-dollar Ferrari LaFerrari has a top speed of just 217.

It still doesn’t take all the sting out of the news though. After winning at Le Mans last year, and touting all the advanced technology found in the design and drivetrain, I was really hoping to see the Ford GT blow away the other American stalwarts. Would 700 horsepower really be that crazy, Ford?

Regardless, that top speed figure keeps me hopeful, and I am awaiting the day we get real comparison tests from third parties to see just how quick this mid-engined Blue Oval actually is.

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