Sega Just Brought Out The ’80s Kid In All Of Us

If you spent the ‘80s and ‘90s in the mall game room, jamming quarters into video arcade machines as you tried to beat the latest high score laid down by the local cool kids, chances are you played Out Run at some time.

If you’re like me you played a lot of Out Run. You probably spent a lot of money too. Money that could have been better spent on a sweet used AMC Pacer to haul your friends to the beach instead of driving a virtual Ferrari through the desert.

Video game soundtracks in the ‘80s and ‘90s crept their way into your brain, invoking a Pavlovian response whenever you heard them. You’d start to get the jitters, laying your quarters up on the top of the game as you anxiously waited for your turn to play. Don’t believe me? Give Spotify’s latest upload of almost 20 classic Sega videogame soundtracks a listen.

Just don’t blame me if you start desperately searching ads for a restored Out Run video game cabinet.



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