Toyota Adds A Bit Of Ruggedness With New Model Trims

If you really want to have a cute-ute like the RAV4, but would prefer it to look a little less like a mall-machine Toyota’s new 2018 RAV4 Adventure might be what you are after. Opting for this new package will net owners large fender flares, black 18-inch wheels, black lighting surrounds, and lower body guards. Matching all this visual grunt is a few usable mechanical features. All Adventure models comes with the Tow Prep package that has an upgraded radiator, additional cooling for the oil and transmission, and a slightly lifted suspension. FWD models get a limited-skip front differential and Dynamic Torque Control AWD is available. Overall, that seems like a solid list of equipment for a road-focused CUV.

If you really want to get out and get dirty, the only letters you should be looking for are TRD.

That’s why Toyota is also launching two new TRD Sport trims. One for the 2018 Tundra, and one for the 2018 Sequoia. Both models come exclusively with Toyota’s 5.7L V8 and feature TRD Sport-specific suspension enhancements in the form of new shocks from Bilstein and beefier anti-sway bars front and rear.


On the visual side of things, the Tundra gets shiny while the Sequoia goes dark. The Tundra gets color-matched mirror caps, bumpers, grille surround and a hood scoop, with 20-inch wheels in silver, and chrome bezels around the headlights. The Sequoia gets black satin badges, metallic black mirror caps, black wheels, and dark tinted taillights. There is a new grille insert on both models.

None of these three models will get you outside and dirty like the TRD Pro family will, but if you want a new Toyota with just a little more off-road ability, any one of these three models should get you set up with what you need.


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