Nissan Adds New King Cab Model To Titan Lineup

If you prefer the Goldilocks’ lifestyle of always taking the middle path, Nissan wants to talk to you about buying a new pickup truck. At the Chicago Auto Show, the Japanese auto-maker showed off the latest variation of its Titan pickup family, the King Cab. This new middle-sized body joins the larger Crew Cab and smaller Single Cab to complete the lineup.

The new Crew Cab is available on both standard and XD trucks across all the trim levels and with both the V8 Endurance engine or the V8 Cummins diesel. Tick all the right boxes and the new Crew Cab will tow a maximum of 12,510 pounds. A stout machine indeed.


Of course, the most interesting part of this truck is not what is in it, but what you can leave out. Nissan is offering a special rear seat delete option. Nissan rips out the seats, heating ducts, and roof mounted pull handles to replace it all with a flat load floor an rear wall plate with tie-down hooks. In short they are providing a small bit of the practicality found in a cargo van, but with the towing power and bed space of a pickup truck. I could see general contractors and the like loving this thing. Store big tools in the locked and waterproof cab, while still being able to haul a few tons of gravel in the back. As someone who spent several months of my life hauling around chop saws and working on roofing projects, being able to have a lockable area to store my power tools would have been a godsend.


If this sounds like the truck you have been waiting for, it goes on sale soon. I don’t have data on pricing yet, but expect it to be cheaper than a Crew Cab, but a bit pricier than the Single Cab. Obviously.

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